How to add a link to the text

  1. In your browser visit the site/page you wish to create a link for
  2. Copy the url out of the browsers url pane
  3. For an external website collect the full address (e.g.
  4. For a page on your own website collect the url address without the domain name (e.g. resources/essays-articles/who-is-the-true-conservative)
  5. Logon to your website
  6. Edit the article/essay you want to add the link to
  7. In the Description editor select the text you wish to convert into a link
  8. Click the link button off the menu (little earth with a chain link on it, 3rd row down on the left)
  9. Paste the url into the URL field of the popup
  10. For a link on your own website set “Protocol” to “other”
  11. For a link on an external website, press the “Target” tab and select “New window”
  12. Press OK to close the popup
  13. Press Submit a the bottom of the form to save your changes
Note. You can right click->“edit link” on an existing link in the description editor to get the popup back

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