How to embed an image in the text

  1. Place your images in a known place on your computer as jpg/gif/png etc. (so not embedded inside word documents)
  2. Logon to your website
  3. Edit the page that you want to add the image to
  4. Place your cursor inside the description editor where you want to place the photo
  5. Press the picture icon in the menu (looks like a painting of a house/landscape 3rd row down 4th inwards)
  6. Click the “upload” tab (need to copy the jpg from your computer to the webserver)
  7. Press the Browse button
  8. Locate the image stored on your computer
  9. Press the “send it to the server” button
  10. Press “Ok” to “upload successful” popup
  11. Press “Ok” to close “image properties” popup
  12. The image now appears within your text, you can click on the image to get resize handles (then click & drag until you have the right size, it helps if the original image isn’t enormous)
  13. Press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form to save your changes

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