Cloned Moodle using wrong config/cache/database

If you use a hosting service such as cloudways, and you use their cloning functionality to make a copy of your moodle installation (say for setting up a development environment). Your cloned site will not function independently and changes you make on your clone (or your original Moodle) will automatically appear on the other Moodle. 

This is because when you cloned the database, you cloned this config setting in the database:
mysql> select * from mdl_config where name="siteidentifier";
| id | name           | value                                                                     |
|  8 | siteidentifier | |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
If you have more than one moodle installed on the same server with the same "siteidentifier" in the database, then Moodle assumes they are supposed to be working together (e.g. load balancing) and will use shared cache for them.

To fix this you need to make your cloned site have it's own "siteidentifier", this is fairly easy, just delete the 'siteidentiifier" from the cloned database, then logon/logoff of the cloned site (Moodle will notice there is no siteidentifier and automatically create a new one).
delete from mdl_config where name="siteidentifier";

now the two Moodles are using separate cache and have different "siteidentifiers".

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